Pluto - with its concern for all round development of kids is amply equipped with all Montessori apparatus and learning aides required for today's learning processes.

Pink Tower, Brown Stairs, Cylinder Blocks, Red Rods, Number Rods, Noise Box, Taste Apparatus, Baric Tablets, Colour Tablets, Various Alphabets and Number Boards, Movable Alphabets, Spindle Box and much more is all there !!!

And as for the play area - it's never ending fun !!! A ball zone, Slides, rockers, swing, see-saw and the most favourite Splash pool and much more make it's the most liked area of the school !!! For the Senior Class (KG) there are ergonomic tables & chairs !!!

PLUTO in its care mechanism ensures that only branded toys and equipments are used in its premises - this is basically for the child's safety. All testing for touch, throw, chew hazards are done to ensure a safe environment for every kid.