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Plutokids follows a perfect balance of the Montessori methods and the classical method to ensure that every child grows uniquely.

The Multiple Intelligence approach of Howard Gardner and the Montessori Methods by Maria Montessori form the base of methods of learning.

Children at Pluto are groomed under the unique education system devised by the school's Research and Development department. Every required Montessori apparatus is provided in the schools. The Education methods followed are the ones most apt in today's world.

The vibrant teaching staff of the organization are not only qualified and experienced - but they are highly driven for the cause of Love for their little pupils - as they take the first few steps in this world of education !!!

The School environment is created in a manner so that the kids have a fun based learning experience and the individual care devoted to each student assures of their hearty interest in the initial steps of learning that they take.

The various environments of development clubbed with activities give them a true planet of their own !!! PLUTO encourages regular interaction between the parent and the teacher for an informative exchange on the kid's development to the parent. Besides a scheduled quarterly parent teacher meet - PLUTO always encourage parents to come up and know about the kids development as frequently as they would desire.

School Timing
Morning Sessions : 8:45am-11:15am
Afternoon Session : 10:45am-1:15pm


Besides the Play School wing - PLUTO also has the Day Care and Activity Centre. The Day Care today has been a second home for many kids... While Care and Love has been the success mantra in this aspect - Creativity has made the Activity Centre a Fun Learning Zone for all kids !!!

PLUTO's care mechanism ensures that proper care of every kid in ensured. Timely food habits, proper sleep during the afternoon hours, homework help, yoga sessions for physical fitness and much more ensures that every kid's entire day is properly planned and filled with enthusiasm.

Every Utility such as refrigerator, micro oven, water purifier, kid's utensils, mattresses, pillows, quilts geyser, inverter etc are provided for the kids comfort.

Day Care Timing
8:45am to 7:30pm

Activity Centre

The activity Centre is where learning goes beyond just studies and fun begins !!!

Whether its art & craft, drawing sessions, dance or music, grooming or anything that the kids want to learn "Pluto" is the planet to be.

Activity Centre Timing
Week Days : 5:00 pm - 7:00 pm
Saturday : 10:00am - 12 noon